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आप सभी को स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं, बैतूल पोर्टल.कॉम ( ) पर आपका स्वागत है, इस साइट का निर्माण चल रहा है। यदि आप किसी भी समस्या का सामना करते हैं तो कृपया 9301446003 पर सूचित करें |

प्रिय आगंतुक कृपया अपने व्यापार को जोड़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे ...

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Betul Tourist Places

BalajiPuram à¤­à¤¾à¤°à¤¤ का पाँचवा धाम बालाजीपुरम्, श्री रुक्मणी बालाजी मंदिर 
Address : Balajipuram temple, National Highway 69, Betul Bazar, 
Madhya Pradesh 460004 Phone:07141 329 644
Distance- भोपाल -नागपुर के मध्य में नेशनल हाइवे 69 पर बालाजीपुरम स्थित है | भोपाल से 193 किमी और नागपुर से 190 किमी |
Distance- नई दिल्ली - चैन्नई मुख्य रेलमार्ग पर स्थित| बेतूल रेलवे स्टेशन से मात्र ७ किमी दूर स्थित | हर समय स्टेशन से आने के लिए ऑटो-टैक्सी उपलब्ध |
Hours: Open today · 6:00 am – 12:00 pm, 3:00–10:00 pm 
Phone No. : 07141 329 644
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River - Maa Tapti (Surya Putri) Tourism Betul Tapti origin Multari Tapti thumbnail Multari MP Nagar. Blicq virtue not only in the country of origin of Tapti salila as Ma's fame. Previously it was known as Multapi. Popularity is for people to come here from far off. Here is a beautiful temple. Skanda Purana knowledge of the glory of the Tapti River joins. Skanda Purana describes the Tapti Mhantmy. Ma according to religious affiliation Tapti sooryaputree and is known as the sister of Saturn. That is why people who suffer from Saturn Tapti relieves them. Heating suffer all her life Dayni Skit Tapti provides all the reverence it is also known as Tapti Ganga. Tapti is the immersion of Wykityon Asithyon of late. MP. The second major river. Not only is the economic social religious significance of the river. Huri here is first developed many civilizations over the centuries. Lnbari of the river is 724 km. The river flows from East to West and has settled the riverside towns such as Brhapur and Surat. Tapti Kadli of Khambat falls into the Arabian Sea.
Muktagiri pilgrimage Muktagiri Tapti thumbnail Basdehi block of Betul district in the village Panchaym Thpoda Sitht Muktagiri great Jain pilgrimage. Muktagiri their beauty, elegance and religious influence because people come to her and makes Ñ St. Digambar Jain Temple cult at this location is 52. Vimbsar Srenik of these temples and the area is also concerned. Sptfnik statue in the temple of God is here Parsvnath peerless sample of the craftsman. Sitht a Manstnb in this field, the beads give peace and happiness. Nirvana in the territory is reassuring to every other person here. That is why Jains from corner to corner in the country, not just those who follow other religions have come Muktagiri. The distance is approximately 102 kilometers from the district headquarters. Being in the jungles of Satpura many Hisng Sitht live cattle to anything he never harmed anyone accomplished this majestic area. Muktagiri field proven by the half million sages have attained salvation. Jain festival nirvana described the saga of Holocaust is mentioned in twenty.
Salwardi Salwardi cave of Lord Shiva. On Shivaratri a large fair is organized every year a week long day at the fair with hundreds of thousands of devotees have come. This site Prbatpttn block of Betul district is Sitht under the Gram Panchayat Salwardi. Salwardi Batl tehsil of Amravati district of Maharashtra Morsi Multari and near the hill on which the idol of Lord Shiva in a cave is Pratisitt. Salberdi village of Betul district, district panchayat under Prbatpttn its picturesque valleys and ancient cave and the Sitht oldest Shiva Lingam is known for. The specialty of the lingam of Lord Shiva himself anointed nature is ceaselessly. Continuous stream of Shivling mountain is flowing properly Sitht above. It is Kivdnti Shivling from the legendary period Sitht it automatically has burst. The location of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra province is the center of veneration of millions Srriddhaluon. A huge fair is organized here on Shivaratri upwelling annually which is the subject of Jnsailab intriguing in itself. Divdiy fair held annually in seven devotees gather daily around 75 thousand to a million. The key feature of the fair's logo which he devotedly do not see elsewhere. This is a magnificent example that will cross paths inaccessible not only Blicq men women and small children all day and night come to Shivdrshn. Shivgufa on the hill above the village, about three kilometers Sitht to be controlled so spacious gathering no less than a miracle in itself. Shivgufa Nirsg both sides of approach is performed by the lavish beauty of their beauty. The first is called Sitanhani which was once known for its hot water reservoir, in Muptganga successive watercourses can be seen throughout the year. 3-4 is also another cave inside Shivgufa in respect of which it is said that these caves via the route reaches Sudur big Pachmarhi Mahadev ie. The cave is also noted on rocks Sitht Panndw hill, where at the time of exile Pandavas never had his perch. A feature of village Salberdi with other characteristics that half the village in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra Vibajit is half. Unique confluence of two separate cultures, thus it is a symbol of the village. District Panchayat Prbatpttn is currently looking at all the arrangements and the efforts are being made to Gaoshit site is a tourist destination.
Mlajpur Mlajpur Fair annually starting on the full moon of Honor in Mlajpur Gurubaba Basant Panchami runs until nearly a month. Samadhi of Baba Saheb holds its orbiting get rid of obstacles to the apparition. Many people will come here and not Niras returns. The devotees come from far off in the fair. At a distance of 42 kilometers from the district Mukylay Mlajpur block is Sitht in Cicoli. Mausoleum of Honor in Mlajpur Gurubaba Risvi period 1700-1800 are considered. Puarnita of Poush Mela every year starts from here. Samadhi of Baba Saheb far and is known to provide phantom obstacles Mukit. On the full moon day Khanskr phantom excessive crowd disrupts people's lives. Many people will come here not despair returns. The cycle continues for years. They said that here is the tomb of Baba Saheb and his family. The day is the evening aarti. Feature of this arti arti court also joining the dog's trunk, palm voice is shaking his Awal. The abbot says that it is the blessings of Baba. Importance of devotees around the Fair District Panchayat system Cicoli and abbot is unstoppable. 8 km from Cicoli cemetery. Away. It's just a jeep or suffering Dupahia, Chaupahia can be reached by vehicles. Shops of all kinds of goods also seems fair.
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